Kristine Scalzi’s Kahlua Cake: The Extended Director’s Edition

Behold! Kristine Scalzi’s Rather Tasty Kahlua Cake, none of which I will consume, alas, since she baked it for an office party tomorrow. Her office, not mine. Again, I say: Alas.

But wait, there’s more! The creator of this mocha masterpiece has graciously deigned to appear for a motion picture interview, to allow special insight into her creative process and to share the secrets of successful cake making. Call it Martha Stewart meets Zelda Fitzgerald, if you will.

Do you dare discover the secret to successful cake making?
(Quicktime, ~2MB)

8 thoughts on “Kristine Scalzi’s Kahlua Cake: The Extended Director’s Edition

  1. “You sound younger than I expected.”

    I have a tenor speaking voice, so that lends to a more “youthful” quality, I suppose. Interestingly, my singing voice is baritone, which surprises quite a lot of people when I open my mouth for karaoke. Those who haven’t already fled, mind you.

  2. Is the recipe for the cake a secret? (as in the rest of the ingrediants besides the major two revealed in the interview…)

    Just curious… sounds like something I’d like to surprise the wife with sometime.


  3. Capital idea, that interview. And I, too, expected you to sound much older (only not *that* much, because, y’know, you’re young and all… not at all old…)

  4. OK, for those of you who weren’t really sure John was a geek by his technophilia, his voice should seal the deal. That’s even geekier than Wil Wheaton!

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