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Christopher Davis notes in the comments to my last post that MT 3.11 generates an Atom feed automatically, which provides a full posting for people whose RSS readers accept Atom. And so it does; I checked. Since using the already-generating Atom feed is the path of least resistance, I’m putting up a link. Henceforth if you use an RSS reader and want excerpts, use the RSS feed. If you want full postings, use the Atom feed. If your RSS reader doesn’t accept Atom and you want full posts, it’s officially your problem, not mine.

4 thoughts on “Atom Feed

  1. The moment I saw this I switched to the Atom feed, and am enjoying getting the whole post in my aggregator. However, it’s taken me a few days to get to the actual site to leave this comment, since I’m getting your fine rants elsewhere. In my particular case, that’s not a drawback for you, as it only means I’m less likely to leave comments, and (a) I hardly do anyway, and (2) the ones I might leave aren’t all that great anyway. However, extrapolating from my own behavior, which is always a mistake, the more people who read your site off-site, the fewer comments you will get, and that might not be what you want. I don’t have an RSS feed pretty much for that reason; I’m in it for the comments.

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