Genre Advances

I know, I said I was submerging for a few days. But this is worth linking to for science fiction writers: SF Writer (and soon-to-be first time novelist) Tobias Buckell has created a form for SF/F writers to anonymously enter information on what the advance was for their first novel, and then for their most recent novels (click here to see it).

The idea here is to create something like this — a listing of what the various Romance genre publishers offer for advances — for science fiction and fantasy writers. That way first-time writers who get an offer will be able to see how their proposed advance matches up against the genre in general (and among other advances offered by that publisher), and established writers can see if they’re keeping pace with their peers. This will no doubt cause writers even more anxiety than they already have, but if you’re going to feel anxious about something, money is a good a thing as any.

Tobias has just now sentenced himself to an indeterminate term of codifying and collating the information, and better him than me. But it should be a useful thing if enough SF/F writers participate. I’m off to enter my info now.

Also, and unrelated: I may fiddle slightly with the look of the Whatever over the next couple of days (as a sort of break from incessant editing/writing). Don’t be alarmed.

3 thoughts on “Genre Advances

  1. Finally de-lurking to report that I bought OMW from Barnes & Noble in Seattle on Saturday, planning to read it on the bus this week. That plan dissolved as I devoured the book in two gulps before the weekend was over. It was good, and I do want more.

    My husband’s started reading it in bed at night, sort of a rarity for him. He’s been reading out loud the bits that he especially enjoys, which turns out to be quite a few of them.

    So, thank you!

  2. Tobias has just now sentenced himself to an indeterminate term of codifying and collating the information, and better him than me.

    Maybe. Or maybe I have enough mad skillz to set it up via the form so that it collates itself ;-)

    Also, there was a bug that prevented anything from me getting the results that I fixed at 2:44pm, today, Wednesday the 12… in case anyone posted before then.

  3. Just a note: Love the new background with OMW banner at the top. So pretty! Miss the clouds, but this works well.

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