Daily Archives: February 18, 2005

A Vaguely Word-Related Post


The school called today to let me know Athena had an earache and fever, so she’s home today, and here’s something to warm this writer daddy’s heart: Athena sat down in front of her white board and started writing without even the slightest suggestion of such an activity from dear ol’ dad. She writes words the way she thinks they should be spelled and then I’ll check them for accuracy. She’s beginning to learn English is bizarre in terms of spellings, which I think annoys her. And rightly so.

Unrelated but exciting: We’ve got our first foreign language offer for Old Man’s War, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to take the offer. I’ll provide more details when contracts are signed, but suffice to say that I think it’ll be neat to have a book in a language I can’t even read. And of course, foreign rights are like free money. And who doesn’t love free money? It’s free.

And entirely unrelated to any of the above: A short article in the Dayton Daily News about the Book of the Dumb books, in advance of the appearance/signing I’m doing tomorrow at the Dayton Barnes & Noble. DDN is a “registration-required” site, so you’ll have to measure your need to view the article against that (I tend to use bugmenot in those cases). But I’m happy with article. Hopefully this will help me net more than six people at the signing. We’ll see.