Daily Archives: March 7, 2005

Reviews & Interviews, 3/7/05

I’ll be scarce around here today, but here’s some alternate Scalzi for you: An interview of me over at Strange Horizons, in which I discuss Old Man’s War (naturally enough) but also Agent to the Stars and my writing process in a general sense. I think SH may have accidentally posted an early version of the article, since the article I see now doesn’t include updated information I sent in that reflects that Agent to the Stars is coming out in book form. But on the other hand, you probably already know this, by dint of frequenting this site, so this will not be an issue for you. The interviewer is Dawn Burnell, who you may have seen in the comment threads here.

(Update, 7:19am: They’ve now posted the edited version.)

Also, if you’re not horrifyingly burnt out on OMW reviews, please to find this one, from the Harrisburg Patriot-News, and a longer-form version on Planet Peschel, the Web site of the book reviewer Bill Peschel. I’m pleased with both, although I regret to say that the line “Old Man’s War is the best Heinlein novel Heinlein never wrote” is not in the actual newspaper review, because if it were, it would so be going onto the paperback’s back cover. Personal blogs, alas, are still no man’s land for book blurbage purposes. Rats.

Have a good Monday.