Scott Westerfeld’s New Blog

Scott Westerfeld, who has several fine books out, has finally succumbed to the insidious, pod people-like drive to put up a blog. Naturally, I think you should go over there right now and say hello.

Right now. Look, you’re already slacking off by being here.

12 Comments on “Scott Westerfeld’s New Blog

  1. I’m not sure if your paper carries Candorville, but this past week there was a strip that tries to explain the current blog explosion…

  2. No doubt that’s an explanation for some, but probably not in this case, since Scott is an award-winning novelist. He’s probably just using it as a procrastination tool like the rest of us.

  3. Hi John. So, where’s this Android’s Dream that Scott mentions? I amazoned it & only found a few references back to Whatever.

    I’m enjoying OMW, BTW.

  4. The Android’s Dream is a novel I wrote which is unaffiliated with the Old Man’s War universe, which Tor tentatively has on its schedule for late 2006. It was originally scheduled for earlier, but Tor decided they wanted Ghost Brigades first.

  5. I’ll pop over to Scott’s site and help contribute to the “Scalzi-lanch”. :-)

  6. He’s probably just using it as a procrastination tool like the rest of us.

    And if I didn’t have Whatever to read and comment on I might have to actually work at work. So, thanks!

  7. I think that your Blog is very “interactive.” I E-mailed some questions to you and I am not sure if you have E-mailed me back, I know that you are a very busy man and you might bot have time, but, please try! thx!

  8. You may have gotten caught by my spam filter. You are welcome to try to send them again.