8 thoughts on “A Very Scalzi Christmas, 2005

  1. Was out to see the family today, and now I’m back.
    Hope it’s not too late to wish you all a merry Christmas…

    Wish you best of luck and continued success.

    And merry Christmas to all your readers as well :)

    —B ZEMAN

  2. Man, you guys sure gift a lot. I forget that this is probably the norm, as our standard thing is a single, small, gift (if any gift — some years we cancel gifting altogether). I guess we are one of those anti-consumerist households.

    Must be hard to do that with a kid, sometimes.

    Hey, we don’t want to ruin the holidays for anyone, but by the time all the christmas specials and commercials have run their courses we are so sick of the whole thing we can barely even consider “shopping”. We do have a killer christmas meal, however. We pull all the stops out for that.

    I just get used to our decorated aloe vera (big for a house plant, small for a tree) with one or two things underneath it.

  3. Anonymous:

    “Man, you guys sure gift a lot.”

    Well, yes and no. The gifts you see there are for several family members, all of whom were coming over for Christmas Eve, so there were more gifts than usual. And Athena made out like a bandit. On the other hand, I have almost no gifts under the tree — I am very difficult to buy for so I tell people not to bother.

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