The Looney Tunes Characters Will Soon Be Looking For Work


Yes, yes, I know. Serious topic. But come on. You can’t tell me some of the headline writers at CNN weren’t chortling to themselves when one of them wrote that.

15 Comments on “The Looney Tunes Characters Will Soon Be Looking For Work

  1. I can see Bugs Bunny now on a street corner:

    “Will Joke for Carrots”

  2. I guess he didn’t get enough campaign contributions from Acme…

  3. “We have a message for the Tom the Cats and Wile E. Coyotes of the world: Renounce violence. Renounce terrorism. Or be considered an enemy of freedom.

    “Right now, as we speak, Attorney General Gonzalez is ordering wire taps of every single cartoon character in the United States. This action is Constitutional, as I just added it with a black Crayolo below James Madison’s signature just this morning.

    “And now, I would like to introduce our new Secretary of Toonland Security, Judge Doon.”

    [And then the president went back to his office to watch Spongebob Squarepants on the Tivo.]

  4. What? No Itchy and Scratchy jokes?

    Mine is also topical. It includes religious fundamentalists and college professors. I have managed to fit three Scalzi posts into a single link.


  5. A similar CNN headline appeared earlier this week — something along the lines of “Cartoon Protesters Storm Embassyā€¯ or some such. I kept getting these images of Mickey Mouse asking Goofy for a Molotov cocktail.

  6. Bush just wants to keep the Brain from taking over the world – he doesn’t like the competition…

  7. Later today, also had a headline “Someone Is Interested In Burning Churches.”

    I take it the guy doing it now is leaving the job soon, and they’ve already had someone apply to fill the vacancy.

  8. That headline writers and journalists generally have odd senses of humor which occasionally manifest publicly is no surprise. Many years ago (from ragged memory), the person issuing the list of that year’s inductees for the Songwriters Hall of Fame had a smart-alec moment and wrote that two of the honorees had been in a band in the Sixties.

    The lyricists were Lennon and McCartney.

    (I am tempted to mutter that as a child of privilege, Bush probably understands cartoon violence better than the real thing, but that would be mean and unkind.)

  9. I see Bush’s point; we can’t risk cartoon violence replacing the real thing.

  10. He doesn’t like animal human hybrids. The violence issue is just a cover.

  11. I had similar thoughts whenever I saw a headline about “Cartoon Riots”.

  12. Hey, come on, it is easy to make fun of a guy (Bush) you don’t like, but he’s MY boss. How much of anything that we hear… is true or close to it? That goes for positive and negative. I quit worrying about it a long time ago, cept when I vote. Personally, I don’t mind going to bad places and doing whatever I have to… but I’m weird that way. Mostly because so much of it needs doing, regardless of the reasons that are given. As for cartoons, why in the world should our President even comment? Seems rather stupid all the way round. I have to tolerate the cross dipped in urine, so why should I care about this?