15 thoughts on “Shortly Before The Explosion

  1. When she’s old enough to read your blog, she’s going to stop speaking to you for a week.

    When she’s old enough that her boyfriends are reading your blog, she’s going to figure out how to delete the archives…

    John Scalzi – methodically creating the next generation of web server administrators…


  2. Unless she can also delete archive.org, it’ll be too late. Bwa ha ha ha ha hah!

    (also, of course, I never put up a picture like this without letting her know and giving her approval. She understands other people see these pictures, so I don’t ever put up a silly picture without letting her have veto approval. She’s seven but she still need to be respected.)

  3. Scott Westerfeld:

    “Athena really does has big canines, John. Look at that top picture. She’s totally vampirific!”

    Indeed. The fact her two front teeth are growing in has something to do with it, too.

  4. What happened next startled the cats and required a bucket and several sponges. Several.

    Did she vomit? I mean… I know diet coke is disgusting, but… seriously!

  5. Scott, my mind went right past vomiting and went straight into Mr. Creosote territory. Poor mite.

  6. “Unless she can also delete archive.org, it’ll be too late.”

    John, John, John. Have you any doubt that your daughter could get that done?

  7. John,

    You may believe that 14-year-old Athena will regard the decisions of 7-year-old Athena as wise and appropriate, and as immunizing the then-current version of Dad from all attacks, both physical and emotional. You may also believe the moon is made of green cheese, with equal effect.

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