Another Side of My Beloved Wife


Maybe this should be her author photo instead.

Note the shirt.


Alternately, what awaits whomever comes to the door to tell us about their fabulous new product and/or religion.


Also, let us not speak of the Incident With The Swing. Note, however, Athena’s gleeful smile.

12 thoughts on “Another Side of My Beloved Wife

  1. Love the photos, John. These ones and the ones preceding.

    I can tell the Swing photo is using a little LotR-esque photo tricks to make it look more dangerous than it is. A little more distance between Krissy and the swing and you could make Athena and Krissy the same size! (OK, technically that’s the opposite of what they were doing with LotR, but you get the point.)

  2. Ooops. Thinking over this later, I realized Krissy would have to be standing behind Athena to make them seem the same size. Ignore the previous post.

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