Magic Lessons

Many congratulations to my pal Justine Larbalestier, whose second novel, the delightful Magic Lessons, debuts today. It continues the journey of Reason Cansino, the young heroine who was at the heart of her first novel Magic or Madness, and see her struggling to deal with her family’s history and its implications for her own future.

In my opinion this is as strong and readable a book as Magic or Madness (which was in itself excellent). Don’t tell Justine this, but I nominated her for the Campbell Award, which is the award the SF community gives to its best new writers, on the basis of these two books (I had an ARC of Magic Lessons). If you’ll check them out you’ll understand why I did that, indeed, why I had to do that. As for me I’m looking forward to the final book of the installment, and to discover how it all ends.

5 Comments on “Magic Lessons

  1. Oh, I want!
    After I saw Justine speak on an Interaction panel, I’ve decided that she is God.

  2. Umm, just for the record it is Magic or Madness. Thanks for the pointer – I’m ordering it from the library now.

  3. Fixed. Gaaah. Being sick means making errors.

  4. I just finished Magic or Madness the other day, and it is quite good. I’ll have to check again tonight to see if Borders has Magic Lessons yet…

  5. I finished reading ‘Old Man’s War” and and looking forward to your next Sci-fi novel.