And This Is What He Does

In addition to being Easter, it’s my friend Kevin Stampfl’s birthday. The resurrection of Christ and the birth of Kevin, all on the same day!

To celebrate: The Number of the Beast video from Iron Maiden, Kevin’s fave band from back in the day. Particularly ironic on Easter, I know.

Hoping you’re all having a great Kevin’s birthday. Or Easter, if that’s your thing.

5 thoughts on “And This Is What He Does

  1. I remember my birthday being on Easter Sunday when I turned seven. That was 1976.

    Hopefully I will be around to see the next time it happens in 2049!

    In those intervening 73 years Kevin’s birthday will have coincided with Easter in 1995, 2006, 2017 and 2028…

  2. Iron Maiden, now that brightened up my morning. :D

    Well, I would go so far as to say a great Kevin’s Birthday, but it was interesting, complete with a trip to the ER, but all is well with the fallen family member now and the rest of the weekend was a hoot.

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