Day of Play


Here’s Athena on her new bike (she outgrew the old one — who knew that’s what kids do), and now we’re about to head off to see Monster House, which, as the title suggests, is about a house that’s also a monster. So basically, no time to hang with all y’all. You kids have fun without me. See you later.

18 thoughts on “Day of Play

  1. Man, I can so identify. My oldest daughter is on her third bike. And their very picky about their bikes. Can’t just be any bike. Oh no. Has to be the pink and purple new “Barbie” bike that costs twice as much as the equally good pink and purple generic bike. They both even have tassles! The only difference is the flashy “Barbie” decal. Sheesh. Girls. Ya gotta love ‘em.

    Oh, and be glad you don’t have two. It’s twice the fun! My younger daughter wants a new bike too (cuz my older daughter got one, don’cha know).

    Ah, the joys of parenthood. :)

  2. Egads!! I used “their” when I should have used “they’re!” I should be shot… (especially on a writer’s blog… oh the shame!)

  3. I never had tassels on my bike when I was a kid, but I sure had Oakley pads on the top tube and handlebars. One of these days, I’m going to dig ‘em out of my parents’ garage and put ‘em on my road bike for a race.

  4. I assume she’s doing a track stand, because if she was moving, she’d be wearing a helmet, right?

  5. Michael P:

    Shooting’s a bit much. In the absence of our host, I* will take it upon myself to give you your penance –

    You will go buy three new Bratz outfits for each of your daughters and watch High School Musical twice this weekend.

    It’ll smart, but you’ll feel better.

    *Father of one daughter, now grown. Which actually doesn’t lessen the parental angst, just makes it different (e.g., parking tickets as opposed to Barbie bikes, and so forth).

  6. Jeff Hentosz:

    “You will go buy three new Bratz outfits for each of your daughters and watch High School Musical twice this weekend.”

    Um… I think I’d rather be shot. And do you know how much each of those Bratz outfits COSTS???

    “Father of one daughter, now grown. Which actually doesn’t lessen the parental angst, just makes it different (e.g., parking tickets as opposed to Barbie bikes, and so forth).”

    I am NOT looking forward to that period in their lives. I’m already missing the time when they were innocent little infants. Changing diapers was cake. :)

  7. Just got back from taking my daughter to see Monster House. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not really a summer movie. It should have come out around Halloween.

  8. That’s when the DVD is coming out, I’m sure — and where the movie will make most of its money.

    Never fear, Hollywood knows what it’s doing.

  9. Never fear, Hollywood knows what it’s doing.

    If it involves money, I have no doubt.

    Wasn’t a bad flick, though. Not the best computer-generated feature I’ve seen, but not bad.

    As always, though, the trailers gave too much away.

  10. I think when we went to see THE HEDGE with my 7 year odl daughter the previews for Monster House came up and it might as well have been Amityville Horror. No way was she going to that damn movie.

  11. Chang: Yeah, I agree it’s not for a lot of kids. My kid enjoys spooky stuff (her favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas), so this was right up her alley.

  12. Ditto my daughter on Nightmare Before Christmas. Did Athena like Corpse Bride?

    My daughter is stoked on Pirates right now. Very exciting. Healthy doses of creepy stuff and Monty Python. Gotta make her a geek before it’s too late…

  13. We got our girls new bikes for xmas. They’re both tomboys so we got the chunkiest bikes we could find with skull stickers, flames & lots of glossy black & flouro green paint. Needless to say, they loved ‘em. With these two, tassles would have off in seconds, and they’d have used magic markers to give Barbie horns and a mo ;-)

  14. Somewhat random.

    I don’t know you, or your daughter, or your wife, but I remember reading here on this blog, some post you made about how some think you are a jerky.

    I never thought that, but I don’t know how anyone can think that you are anything but a decent, if not great person, because in your life you clearly love your daughter, and in your interaction with the public you clearly love your daughter and wife, and in your first book “old mans war” you are clearly a softy who loves his wife, and (in the book) his child.

    You’re a big softy who has his own opinions, but in the things that matter? You are still a softy, who knows whats valuable. Thats part of why I’m holding out on reading “Ghost Brigades” until I re-read old mans war for the third time, cuz you have a very real emotional connection in that book, and since I read your blog, I think it is actually a reasonable analysis on my part.

    Don’t know you, your wife, or your child but I hope nothing interferes with the love you clearly have for all of it.

  15. One more thing, in the pic? Athena looks like she’s staring at you saying “Daddy? I don’t need your help, really!!!”

    A tough little chick she seems.

  16. I went to see Monster House in 3D – not too bad, but it seemed like they couldn’t decide whether to be PG-13 or G. Especially with the ending.

    But what really got me excited was seeing that they’re re-releasing Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D this October! That’s probably the only thing they could do to make that movie better…

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