6 thoughts on “Because Apparently I’m Just a Chatty Cathy…

  1. Dude, STFU and finish the Last COlony already! Before long I’m gonna have to go read some non-fiction and no one wants that now do we?!

    Ahem, seriously, I gotta go back and finish the other one.

  2. It’s a goodun! I’m glad I got the time to actually read an interview.

    A fantasy novella? Wow. This may be the first fantasy I ever read.

    Now, alas, there is laundry to fold.

  3. I remember either reading or hearing some writer talk about all the stupid things writers – people, in fact – do to avoid writing. He mentioned tightening the screws on all the doorknobs in the house. That’s pretty benign actually. I think I once shaved the cat and or myself to avoid writing. Or work.

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