16 thoughts on “Sunset 08/02/06

  1. Being a cynical optimist, when I see a sunset like this, I think–pollution. My reaction dates from a visit to Mexico where the best sunsets I’d ever seen were caused by natural gas burnoffs near Poza Rica. Oh, well.

  2. Malcolm:

    I did run it through Photoshop, but that’s because the camera didn’t quite capture what it really looked like (this is a problem with digital cameras in low light situations). What’s here is pretty close to what it actually looked like to my eye.

    As for commanding the sun, well, sure, I can command it. Whether it listens, of course, is another thing entirely

  3. Oh, hell, man, what camera do you have, again? I have a 5 megapixel Konica KD-500Z and I still get bands when photographing graded blue skies like that…

  4. I get some granularity in my camera (I have a Nikon D70s); I solved it in this case by doing a gaussian blur on the top half of the picture.

  5. My atheist HS Physics teacher used to call these “Rays of God Light”. Then he’d launch in to why they were actually parallel but appeared not to be.

    Nice timing.

  6. “I want every man to say ‘Oooooooh!’ or I’ll know the reason why!”
    “Not yet!”
    [/obscure movie reference]

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