A San Diego Thing

So, I’m going to be in San Diego prior to Worldcon and I’m thinking of perhaps trying to pull off a reading or meet and greet. Those of you in San Diego (or thereabouts): Would there be interest? I’m thinking possibly the evening of the 21st.

16 thoughts on “A San Diego Thing

  1. Were you planning on doing this in the friendly confines of a bookstore? If so, let me shill a bit for Mysterious Galaxies, a writer-welcome bookstore venue. Google them, if it pleases you.

  2. Hi John,

    I’m a SF/F writer and Clarionite class of ’05 and San Diegan; I second Mysterious Galaxy, they’re wonderfully supportive, their email is mgbooks@mystgalaxy.com and online at http://mysteriousgalaxy.booksense.com/NASApp/store/IndexJsp They don’t have anyone on the 21st, and Kevin J. Anderson will be there the 22nd.

    Or I have a whole house to myself and would love to throw a pre-WorldCon bash. There’s a couple of SF/F fan lists I can tag, too. We could definitely get some advertising going. I work at a hotel; there’s a chance of taking over the bar, or something, or I can probably get a discount on a room. There’s a local author or two I might be able to get ahold of, depending on what kind of meet and greet you’re thinking of–just fans and locals, or other authors?

    Anyway, if you have any questions about San Diego or need anything, let me know. I know where the good bookstores are. I’m going to WorldCon too.


  3. Oh, hell yes! Call Mysterious Galaxy and ask for my pal Elizabeth Baldwin. But you best hurry – they book up fast.

    You could also contact the Borders in san Diego if MystGal is booked up. Rob Crowther is the SF/F guy there.

    Let me know if you need either contact info.

  4. John,

    You should have been here in San Diego a couple of weeks ago for the Comic-Con. It was a blast and more than a hundred thousand showed up.

    Anyway, let us know your schedule and I’ll treat you to a shrimp or lobster burrito, fish taco or whatever suits your fancy.

  5. Lee said: Anyway, let us know your schedule and I’ll treat you to a shrimp or lobster burrito, fish taco or whatever suits your fancy.

    While I am sure that John appreciates the offer, my guess is that is will be Double-Doubles galore at a wide variety of In-n-Outs!


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