11 thoughts on “2006: The Year in Athena Pictures

  1. Your daughter is a gem. Her exuberant personality comes through in the pictures.

    My wife was an editor at a small town paper. She’s had her picture taken a number of times for various reasons. We both noticed that the pictures that were taken by people who liked her were more flattering.

  2. Cut to: Int. Scalzi doorway.
    A young man in an ill-fitting tuxedo stands at the door, self-consciously scratching a zit.

    Athena: MOM!(three syllables), Daddy’s making Jeff sit down for a Whatever interview and pictures before he’ll let us go to the prom! Make him stop.

  3. Nah, more than likely John’ll be like I was when mine came of dating age … I suddenly felt it necessary to be cleaning sidearms in the living room when said PFK (Pimply Faced Kids) showed up with designs on my daughter’s virginity.

  4. I think I like Athena-the-rock-goddess best.

    You realize, you have created a moral commitment to keep doing this until Athena reaches her majority, at least.

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