Your Last Cat Pic of 2007

Because I know there would be a riot if there wasn’t one.

And Now, The “After” Photo

Oh, yes. Krissy has been here. Her comment: “Make sure you post a picture of how it looks now.” Done. Have I mentioned my wife is made of awesome? Well, she is.

A Month of Writers 2007: An Index

In case you missed some part of A Month of Writers and want to catch up, or just want to have a handy list, here’s all the Month of Writers participants in one place. Please read them and… Read More

Like Watching the Odometer Roll Over

As of 9pm tonight, there have been exactly 8,990,000 unique visits to this site this year, which was an awfully round number, so I took a screenshot. It also means that unless the site fails to garner an… Read More

Probably the Worst It’s Been

My office, 12/30/07: This is, alas, an all-too-accurate metaphor for what my brain has been like for most of 2007. Hopefully, 2008 will be a bit neater.

On the Slate, 2008

In order to facilitate you in your acquisition of ScalziProduct™, here’s a handy list of things I know are coming out from me, and being written by me, in 2008. Stuff I Know is Coming Out in 2008… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Twenty Four: Tim Pratt

Quite unintentionally, it turns out that I’m the guy who told Tim Pratt that he won a Hugo this year: After the list of Hugo Winners was posted, and Tim’s “Impossible Dreams” nabbed the short story award, I… Read More

How Romantic

Hey, this is nice: I’m nominated for a Romantic Times 2007 Reviewers’ Choice Award in the science fiction category, for The Last Colony. The nominees are chosen for their general excellence, not necessarily their romantic content, which is… Read More

Sunsets, 2007

A sampling of the year’s sunsets for you. And one sunrise:

Minor Housekeepery, 12/29/07

For those of you who live to obsessively follow the tweaks I give the Whatever, you’ll note that I’ve changed the sidebars in the following ways: I’ve deleted the RSS feeds for By The Way and Ficlets Blog,… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Twenty Three: Justine Larbalestier

Yay! Justine Larbalestier is here! She’s one of my favorite people, you know. And she’s also an excellent writer, with her “Magic or Madness” trilogy, of which the latest installment, Magic’s Child, is featured above, racking up all… Read More

And Onward to 2009

For those of you who like to mark your calendars early, I’ll note I’ll be the 2009 Guest of Honor at Millennicon, just down the road in Cincinnati. Please note the year there: 2009, not 2008 (2008’s Guest… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Twenty Two: David Anthony Durham

I’m about to go off and drive 180 miles, so I can’t make this long. So here’s everything you need to know: David Anthony Durham: teh HAWSOME. Acacia, Book One: The War With the Mein, his debut fantasy… Read More

Five Years On

Did you know (and before you say “yes,” I should warn you that the answer here will almost certainly be “no,” so don’t try to be all cool about it) that today marks the fifth anniversary of what… Read More

Another Thing I Do You Probably Don’t

Pay some dude to re-gravel my driveway. It’s a two-load gig, by the way. Yes, long driveway.

Why We’re All Going to Hell, Part 54,302

A multi-billionaire industrialist donates 97% of his fortune to help fund clean water in Africa, education for blind children, and housing for the mentally ill, and it’s presented by one of the largest news organizations in the world… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Twenty One: Ellen Kushner

You know, I’m not entirely sure when it was I first met Ellen Kushner — I suspect it may have been Wiscon three years ago, but maybe it was before then — but whenever it was that I… Read More

“The ‘It’ Couple of Young-Adult Lit”

Look at this: The Village Voice has a big, gushy article about my pals Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld, talking about how cool they are and how everyone loves them and how they smell nice and everything. Well,… Read More

The Pity Stuffer

Today I went out and partook in my tradition of picking up the latest edition of the Writer’s Market and carrying its phonebook-sized mass home with me and parking it on my desk. I’ve been doing this more… Read More

The Final Ficlets Big Idea, Plus ’07 Big Idea/Author Interview Index

Today I posted the final “Big Idea” entry I’ll have over at Ficlets, and it’s from Nathalie Mallet, the author whom Night Shade Books had debut its mass market paperback line with the fantasy/mystery novel, The Princes of… Read More