Holy Crap

At the moment, “The Sagan Diary” is at #262 #207 #194 #179 on Amazon and #12 #11 #9 #8 on its science fiction bestseller list. I guess people like the audio version. But with such truly fabulous readers involved, who can blame them.

Thanks, folks. “Sagan” was a real experiment for me, and I’m really happy that so far people seem to be coming along for the ride. And yet again, thanks to Elizabeth Bear, Mary Robinette Kowal, Ellen Kushner, Karen Meisner, Cherie Priest and Helen Smith. Clearly, I owe them all a kidney. This could be a problem.

15 Comments on “Holy Crap

  1. 1) Dice it up small.

    2) Headline: Subterranean Press acquires controlling interest in Bertelsmann Foundation.

  2. Mary: I’ve had certain resources rerouted since the Coffeshop fecal fiasco, so there’s no danger of Amazon rankings causing a brownout in any major systems.

    Thanks for your concern, though.


  3. It’s no problem at all. You owe them a kidney, fine, but nothing says it has to be originally yours.

  4. No one even said the kidney had to be human. One trip to the butcher shop and you could be swimming in kidneys.