Wednesday Author Interview: Jon Armstrong

Over at By The Way I’ve got an interview with author Jon Armstrong about his jazzy, trippy novel Grey, in which we discuss Jazz, Japan, Jeremy Lassen and other things that begin with “J” — and many other things, too. If you don’t go read it, the angels will weep. They will. They said so.

To a couple of authors I owe interview questions to: Haven’t forgotten you, I’m just having an unbelievably busy week. The questions are coming, honest.

3 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Jon Armstrong

  1. There’s nothing I hate worse than weepy angels. Well, maybe weepy angles, but you don’t find many of them.

  2. Weepy Anglos, or forget about it.

    Is it Jane Austin or Austen? Never read her and never will.

    Yet anothr book for me to add to the growing stack of tubeyred’s.

  3. Damn, this looks good.

    However, Jon fails to properly brag about the fact that Michael Chabon called him “a genius, with an umlaut, to the fifth power.”