13 thoughts on “Servicing the “Shut Up and Post More Pictures of Your Cat” Crowd

  1. I am, but that’s mostly because that my special edition of Pan’s Labyrinth arrived today.

    However; currently being kittyless, I like to gush over pictures of other people’s cats. How can they not make you smile?

  2. There ya go! Very, very nice. Keep ‘em coming.

    Now for your reward – I think I’ll go place a pre-order for The Last Colony.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  3. Ghlaghghee’s all, “‘Scuse me. ‘pposable thumbs? Would somebody please come flip the birdbath over so I’ll have some prey? Kthanks.”

  4. I think the XKCD from last week is relevant:

    Cat Proximity

    Now, you will have to excuse me. Peanut is getting into a fight with Romeo, and BJ and Domino are getting annoyed because they’re doing it in the cat apartment thing. And the older ones are much too dignified to be seen doing that kind of thing.

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