I’m Your New Striker, Adelaide


Success! In the mail today, from Australia, from Pat Scalzi (and Aldo) and Scalzi Produce, not just one but two Adelaide United jerseys: One for wearing, which you can see here, and one, autographed by team members, for framing. This is way beyond awesome, I have to say.

In return, Pat and Aldo will soon be receiving autographed books for yours truly, and I am now Ohio’s foremost Adelaide United fan, and will cheer them on toward victory at every possible opportunity. Because, honestly, what has any other Australian football club ever done for me? Right. So, rock on, Adelaide United.

One thought on “I’m Your New Striker, Adelaide

  1. Oh man¡¡ if you like football, fútbol in spanish, maybe you have to buy the new Spanish Nacional Team jersey. There is no one team in the world how plays better football.

    Sorry for my poor English.

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