New Listing Announcement: Top 15 (or Maybe 20, We’ll See) SF/F News/Group Blogs

Oh, all right. After getting more than one e-mail from proprietors of SF/F news and/or group blogs, complaining that it wasn’t fair they’ve been excluded from the Top 50 SF/F Personal Blogs list, I’ve decided to whomp up another list, this one listing the top 15 or 20 (depending) SF/F News/Group blogs, which I will release at the same time as the previously mentioned personal blogs list.

To qualify for this listing, a blog must:

1. Cover news about science fiction primarily (i.e., not primarily a personal blog)


2. Be written by more than one person/couple


3. Has as a majority of its authors Literary SF/F pros (writers, editors, etc) and/or self-identified SF/F fans

If it’s an SF/F news site, clearly it needs to be about SF/F; non-news group blogs, however, don’t need to have their contents always be about SF/F.

If you run/are a member of one of these blogs, or even are just a fan, you can submit it (name, URL, Technorati ranking) for consideration (I can think of several off the top of my head, but I don’t pretend to know them all). Drop your suggestions in the comment thread or e-mail me with the words “GROUP SF BLOG” in the header (even if it’s a news blog) so I can keep it all organized.

As I’ve not ranked news/group blogs before, I have no minimum Technorati ranking for consideration, although I suspect that if your ranking is below 200,000 or so you won’t stand much chance.

As with the personal blogs, please get these into me by 6/15/07, so I can bang out the list after that. Also, of course, feel free to spread the news and link back. The more data I have, the happier I’ll be.

Any questions? Put ‘em in the comment thread.

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