In Other Science Fiction Convention News…

… I’ve been offered, and have accepted, the writer Guest of Honor slot at LOSCON 35, which will take place November 28 -30, 2008, at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles, California. I took the slot after I… Read More


You really need to go see the Web site for ArmadilloCon 30, at which I am the Guest of Honor. You’ll understand why when you get there. I am deeply amused.

Death Comes to Funky Winkerbean

And yes, I’m aware that sounds like an amusing punchline, but actually it’s been quite moving — or as moving as something in comic strips can be — as the character of Lisa dies after a long struggle… Read More

Stross, Westerfeld and Priest: It’s a Good Week (Plus a Pimping Thread)

For book lovers, this is one of those weeks where you hope you’ve saved your pennies, because there’s too many good books debuting this week. Here’s three I want to bring to your attention right now. First, there’s… Read More