21 thoughts on “October Sunset

  1. I resized it in Photoshop. Otherwise it’s pretty much as it came out of the camera. Now, mind you, what I saw and what the camera saw are different; what I saw had a bit more color gradation.

  2. I bet you have that without the benefit of forest fires, too. Tonight’s sunset in the Valley isn’t quite as scary as yesterday’s with that giant cloud hanging from one horizon to the other, but it still ain’t pretty.

  3. We had an ungodly beautiful sunset last night. Even the Eastern horizon glowed from all the light reflecting off the clouds. Electric pink to fire orange and red, back to orangish-pink, and eventually fading into purple. Now I’m wondering… have the SoCal fires put enough ash into the atmosphere to affect sunsets around the world?

  4. I caught this one the other night, too. Awesome. The best I’ve seen in some time. I’m glad you got a picture of it. I was without my camera.

  5. Lovely and, as Adam said, without the fires to enhance the beauty.

    It’s bizarre to see the setting sun so red out SoCal way. Gorgeous, of course, and I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but I would have much rather had an ordinary looking setting sun (which is still darned pretty) and no fires.

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