Speaking of Agent to the Stars

Received a note from Patrick Nielsen Hayden today to tell me that the trade paperback release of Agent to the Stars is scheduled for November, 2008. He also wishes to stress that date is tentative, and may bounce… Read More

The New Cover

Jeff Hentosz, who is handy with that there Photoshop, sends word that he’s “fixed” the cover of The Android’s Dream for me: Clever. Adorably sick, but clever. All I can say is, I’m glad I didn’t Photoshop this…. Read More

You Can’t Fire Me

Probably because so many friends were recently let go at AOL, I had a dream in which I was being laid off at some sort of organization that was a mash-up of AOL and the Fresno Bee (those… Read More

Kicking the Legs Out From Under the Willfully Ignorant

This is a heartwarming story: Homer Jacobson, a retired chemistry professor, Googles his name and discovers a scientific paper he wrote half a century ago, and which he discovers has errors in it, is being used by creationists… Read More