Speaking of Agent to the Stars

Received a note from Patrick Nielsen Hayden today to tell me that the trade paperback release of Agent to the Stars is scheduled for November, 2008. He also wishes to stress that date is tentative, and may bounce a couple of months in either direction. Be that as it may, those of you who have been saving your pennies by the tens of thousands to buy the limited hardcover may now release them, as if in a flood, to cover other purchases.

You’re welcome. Think of me when you snap up that iPod Touch.

14 thoughts on “Speaking of Agent to the Stars

  1. Somewhere, an Amazon seller just kicked his dog and swore a whole lot.

    Somewhere else, a slightly creepy potential Amazon buyer invests his stalker money in a super-zoom video camera for his trip to Ohio…

  2. And coincidently, I just finished reading it last week off the web. Enjoyed it, thought the story got stronger towards the end. I’m becoming a Scalzite!

    I’ll buy it for my sister when it comes out in paperback.

  3. Shawn Powers:

    “Somewhere else, a slightly creepy potential Amazon buyer invests his stalker money in a super-zoom video camera for his trip to Ohio…”

    Excellent. It’ll match the scope I just got for my rifle.

  4. So, what kind of load do you use for sniping stalkers? (grin)

    I was always partial to the concept of handloading shotgun shells with capsicum and rock salt… But if you insist on a rifle cartridge, the original .30-’06 spec calls for silver-tipped bullets — very useful in case you’re not sure of the paranormal nature of your stalkers, and as added bonus, the rounds are “pretty”. Oooh, shiny!

    Dr. Phil

  5. Shawn Powers Says:

    Somewhere else, a slightly creepy potential Amazon buyer invests his stalker money in a super-zoom video camera for his trip to Ohio…

    #1) Those pronouns should be “her.”
    #2) You weren’t supposed to tell! Man, now I’ll never get video of the Scalzi clan. Yeesh!
    #3) Scope for the rifle, eh? Maybe I should go to Chicago instead.

  6. Hey, that’s cool! I think that’s the only novel of yours I haven’t read yet (even though apparently you can get it off the internet for cheap). Will the paperback keep the Mike Krahulik cover art? I hope so!

  7. Djscman:

    I suspect it will be unlike it will have the same cover. Tor would have to get the rights, and I suspect they’re more inclined to let their art department do the cover.

  8. I got it from the library – it was a limited edition. I read it mostly on a vacation to Old Orchard Beach Maine from Ottawa Ontario in late June – mostly sitting in a lawn chair in the freezing cold yet awesome ocean. Air temp was 33 or 34 celcius. Water temp was 13 or 14 celcius.

    I loved this novel. I think it might be your best John. I think I have read every published work…. It was so funny and irreverant.

    Brilliant stuff. Should be a movie.

    Thanks John….. My girlfriend who introduced me to you and is a long time reader of your blog but not a big reader of your novels has never read this. Maybe I’ll buy her a copy for Christmas. I am on a strict $100 X-mas present budget so hopefully this will not take up too much of my budget!!!!

    Thanks again for this Mr. Scalzi!

  9. I wrote a long comment and somehow did not post it….. This was an awesome novel. Maybe your best one. So funny and irreverant. My girlfriend introduced me to your work and is a longtime reader of your blog. But she never read this novel and I read it from the library. I will buy it for her as a gift when it comes out.

    Thanks for the fun John.

  10. Thanks for linking off to it. I really enjoyed it– and had no idea it was out there before. Your plan of increasing the happiness in the world worked.

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