A Lot of Money for a Book

It’s been brought to my attention that someone is selling a new (i.e., unread) copy of Agent to the Stars for $999.95 (here’s the link for verification, although if you visit it after today, who knows if it… Read More

Dream in Paperback

FedEx brought a whole box of these today: And I have to say, they look great. I think the cover looks even better on the paperback than it did on the hardcover — the more compact layout suits… Read More

John Scalzi’s 2008 Convention Schedule

This is another one of my famous “put it up there to refer people to” posts; this one is my current list of science fiction convention appearances for 2008. January 18 – 20: High-Voltage ConFusion (Troy, Michigan) —… Read More

The Big Idea: Jeff Somers

Over at Ficlets, we continue our Big Idea series with author Jeff Somers, who sounds off on his book The Electric Church, which is your “teched-out super-assassin has to whack an impossible target sort of against his will”… Read More

Ooooo… Scary

Yeah, I fiddled with the background to make it Halloweeny. Sue me, I’m a sap this way. Also, for those of you with PCs, the header will look better if you have the “Chiller” font, which you can… Read More

A Slightly Stale Halloween Treat

As proof that the Internet never forgets, someone posted onto USENET a Halloween poem I wrote a decade ago and subsequently completely forgot about, possibly because it wasn’t especially good; the meter was all wonky, for one thing,… Read More

The Big Three

Yesterday Warren Ellis posted monthly subscription and newsstand numbers for the “Big Three” science fiction magazines in 2006 (and threw in the circulation numbers of Interzone as loose change); he got them from Gardner Dozois via the last… Read More

The Thing I am Glad About Today

That Athena doesn’t give a damn about Hannah Montana. I do believe she lumps the show in with all the other live-action tween shows like Drake and Josh and iCarly and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody,… Read More

A Real Conversation, Slightly Fictionalized for Dramatic Purposes

(Phone rings. It’s a FRIEND, in California) Friend: So, I’m here in San Diego, and everything is on fire. All of California is on fire. Fire reigns here. Me: That’s very nice, but I think your fascination with… Read More

RSS Feed Reminder

After three weeks, I’m still getting people popping up claiming to be surprised Whatever is still an ongoing concern because their RSS feed has not been updating. So for anyone who still needs it, here’s the current RSS… Read More

Introducing the John Scalzi Collection

This is another one of those “you really need to click through” links. No, no, you really do. I’m totally making this a Livejournal icon.

Kodi, Lost Deep in Thought

Is she thinking: a) “Did I leave the gas on?” b) “I really do think everything is better with steak” c) “That squirrel doesn’t look like it gets chased nearly enough” d) Other? If d), please insert your… Read More

For Janny

My pal Janny, who is fabulous, and who went to high school with me, tweaks me about claiming Hayzie Fantayzie’s “Shiny Shiny” is the worst song of the 80s: you know you love this song. i heard it… Read More

A Little More on People Like Me

Rachel Swirsky, who I think is one of the best new writers in genre (and possibly outside of it as well) reheats the discussion of my “colorblind” writing or lack thereof in the context of JK Rowling’s recent… Read More


Possibly: Every novel on Man Booker Prize shortlist to be available free for online readers Discuss.

Yes, I’ve Seen the Bacon Candy Bar

You can stop sending it to me now. I’ll also note that this is still the ultimate in chocolate-covered pork products.

“Don’t Set Off His BrainPal!”

Read Old Man’s War? You need to see this. Seriously. See what you’re missing by not hanging out at Whateveresque?

How to Irritate and Annoy People in the Name of Blogging

I came across this blog piece today, in which a number of ostensibly popular bloggers share how they would leverage off-blog time to increase their blog’s hits. I found it to be a fantastically depressing piece, because so… Read More

Appearance Note

Whoops! I meant to note this earlier, but I’ve been preoccupied. So I’ll do it now. If you live in the Western Ohio/Eastern Indiana area and want to see me in person, but don’t want to bother me… Read More


Not too long before the 2004 election, I decided to stop reading political blogs entirely, because basically they were making me antsy and irritated, and also I noticed that if I wrote about politics here after reading a… Read More