Just to Shake Things Up

Have a sunrise, for a change. And look, there’s Venus.
If you must have a sunset, there’s one here.

14 Comments on “Just to Shake Things Up

  1. Sunrise? What is that? Some thing that happens every day hours before I wake up?

  2. Wow, go about 400 miles north and you can’t see a streetlight this morning. We’ve got more snow than… Than… Than a guy named Jim.

  3. Great shot… Hows Athena today? Better I hope… Why are you up so early….????

  4. Just curious, but did you get up to take this picture, or were you still up, working on that book?

  5. A Jim, of the Winter variety quoth:
    Of course you have more snow than me. We don’t have any.

    True I suppose. I was actually thinking of Glacier Boy, King of the Northern Moose Tribe, Whatever’s very own…. Jim Wright

    Although, Mr. Winter, it seems almost a necessity that you retire somewhere tropical. I mean, you probably had to sign a form agreeing to a life of irony to score a name like Winter, right?

  6. Shawn Powers, damn it, now every time I go visit Jim Wright’s blog I’m going to be singing, “He’s Mr. Snow Miser…”

  7. I find it appalling that we can’t comment on Stross Anger so I comment here.

    I think SFWA should have a write off. Who ever writes a better SF story, Charlie Stross or Andrew Burt, gets to club the loser with an aluminum bat duct taped with thumb tacks. Wait, this is SFWA. It should be a more sophisticated weapon. How about a taser?

    Better writer gets to taser the other. Who do you think will win?