14 thoughts on “Just to Shake Things Up

  1. A Jim, of the Winter variety quoth:
    Of course you have more snow than me. We don’t have any.

    True I suppose. I was actually thinking of Glacier Boy, King of the Northern Moose Tribe, Whatever’s very own…. Jim Wright

    Although, Mr. Winter, it seems almost a necessity that you retire somewhere tropical. I mean, you probably had to sign a form agreeing to a life of irony to score a name like Winter, right?

  2. I find it appalling that we can’t comment on Stross Anger so I comment here.

    I think SFWA should have a write off. Who ever writes a better SF story, Charlie Stross or Andrew Burt, gets to club the loser with an aluminum bat duct taped with thumb tacks. Wait, this is SFWA. It should be a more sophisticated weapon. How about a taser?

    Better writer gets to taser the other. Who do you think will win?

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