A quick note about things of interest involving me and my output: 1. SFFaudio reviews the audio version of Old Man’s War and gives it an “Essential” ranking: Audible.com (and the iTunes Audiobook Store) has made itself a… Read More

More Proof We As a Culture Have Come to the Very Ends of Our Rope

Kitty Wigs. I’m just gonna go ready my Apocalypse Preparedness Kit. Because apparently I’m gonna need it real soon now.

A Month of Writers, Day Three: Susie Bright

If you were wondering if I would only be featuring science fiction and fantasy writers in this Month of Writers thing, today’s guest answers that: Author and sex expert Susie Bright, who I’m proud to say I’ve been… Read More

This Will Come as No Surprise to Those of You Who Have Hung Out Here a While

Sometimes, it’s fun to taunt people. And that’s all I’m going to say about that at the moment. But if you have something to say about it, go right ahead.