Testing Hulu Embedding

If this doesn’t work, I’ll delete it. If it does work, hey, have a legally cromulent Simpsons episode.

They’ll Call it “Scalzidelphia” For a Day

For those of you living in or near the city of Philadelphia, some appearance news: I’m the guest speaker at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society this next Friday, December 14 at 9pm at The Routunda. Click on that… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Eight: Patrick Rothfuss

As a reader I made my acquaintance with Patrick Rothfuss after he left a signed copy of his book The Name of the Wind for me at Uncle Hugo’s book store in Minneapolis, where I had a stop… Read More

Video Interview (in France!)

Jeff VanderMeer has a gig blogging for Amazon, and while he and I were in France for the Utopiales festival, he went ahead and interviewed me on video, primarily about The Android’s Dream. The whole write-up (in which… Read More

The Zombie Robert Heinlein Rises From the Grave Yet Again to Annoy the Politically Correct

Oh, look, another newspaper writer is digging a deep hole to shove Robert Heinlein’s reputation into, mostly by intimating that no one takes Heinlein seriously anymore anyway, trotting out a bookseller to intone about Heinlein being a fascist,… Read More