Testing Hulu Embedding

If this doesn’t work, I’ll delete it. If it does work, hey, have a legally cromulent Simpsons episode.

34 Comments on “Testing Hulu Embedding

  1. I can see the embedded content, but alas, this particular video is apparently not legally cromulent in Canada.

  2. The husband is also beta-testing Hulu but it keeps crashing our system.

    I guess you’re just special. ;-p

  3. Apparently it’s not available right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., either. Bummer.

  4. It appears to work, but my job filters “Streaming Media”. I’ll have to check it out when I get off in a couple hours.

  5. I hate IP ranges – they rarely get “my country” correct. I also hate the redundant use of “currently”.

    I’m going back to Ruritania to sulk.

  6. Same goes for as mote@4 says, the video is not available in my region.

  7. Ah, another nationally restricted operation running on a global service. How twentieth century!
    Someday there will be a global licensing system, cutting out all of the national middle-persons.
    Well, at least we can hope.

  8. The video is not available to my country.

    I’d have something to say to that in response but this is a family-friendly blog – and besides, chances of this being Scalzi’s fault are nil.

  9. Not available in the UK.

    Which kind of begs a couple of questions…where exactly *is* it legal, and can it be said to be “working” if it’s there but not viewable by anyone?

  10. Weird. I’m getting what looks like an Israeli version of Bob and Doug Mackenzie dubbed in Spanish. With Ruritanian subtitles. I better go back to bed.

  11. Yep, working but not legal in Austria. Which, considering the obscene popularity of the Simpsons in the German-speaking world, is funny.

    … not funny ha-ha. The other kind.

  12. Ren – what family is it friendly to? I don’t think you know what that means. AND Of course it is Scalzi’s fault. What fun would it be if it wasn’t his fault?

  13. Ok,

    It did not work for me but I did look up cromulent on wikipedia. That made me look up iconoclast that lead me to the ‘Dead can Dance’ that lead me to the Discovery Channel that lead me to the Black Hole program staring Homer who is of dad of Lisa!

    All knowledge is the Simpsons, right?

  14. Works fine (if a bit slow ‘cuz I’m wi-fi-ing while walking on the treadmill in the basement) in Fort Wayne. ‘Course I could just walk to Scalzi’s house by the time it finishes downloading.

  15. Locks up my browser (firefox on XP) for about a minute. I’ll never click on a Hulu link again. Thank goodness for no-script!

  16. Weren’t there some episodes of the Simpsons that were funny? Or is it illegal to post those?