By the Power Vested in Me By, Er, Me…

… I declare today “National Get Your Wife Flowers For No Reason Day.” Why? Well, clearly, no reason. That’s right there on the label, people. Pay attention. If you have not a wife, consider getting your spouse/significant other/longtime… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Nine: Scott Westerfeld

Speaking as a recent “New Heinlein,” allow me to express the opinion that if anyone should be called the “New Heinlein,” it’s Scott Westerfeld. Not because Scott writes like Heinlein, but because he’s filling a critical ecological niche… Read More

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Huffing Freon

I’m getting this a lot today: Which is not good, because I have a book to write. However, even if the main computer melts down again, I am prepared: The novel is saved in folder shared across the… Read More