“The ‘It’ Couple of Young-Adult Lit”

Look at this: The Village Voice has a big, gushy article about my pals Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld, talking about how cool they are and how everyone loves them and how they smell nice and everything. Well,… Read More

The Pity Stuffer

Today I went out and partook in my tradition of picking up the latest edition of the Writer’s Market and carrying its phonebook-sized mass home with me and parking it on my desk. I’ve been doing this more… Read More

The Final Ficlets Big Idea, Plus ’07 Big Idea/Author Interview Index

Today I posted the final “Big Idea” entry I’ll have over at Ficlets, and it’s from Nathalie Mallet, the author whom Night Shade Books had debut its mass market paperback line with the fantasy/mystery novel, The Princes of… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Twenty: Chris Roberson

Chris Roberson is a triple threat: He’s a writer, he’s an editor and he’s a publisher — and he’s good enough at each that he’s been nominated for a World Fantasy Award for each of these talent. He’s… Read More