11 thoughts on “And Onward to 2009

  1. Gee John, I see you’re one of those bloggers (on this site) who gets dozens of comments on an entry. This always intimidates me, but if I feel I just HAVE to comment, I probably will force myself.

  2. Jeez. I guess that means you’ll have to keep publishing new stuff between now and then, huh? Very cool. Hey, maybe if I scheduled a visit to a 2009 Con, I could actually make one. Though, no offense, I’m not using vacation time to go to Cincinnati unless it involves someone far more, um, female…

  3. I have a scheduling conflict at the moment, so I don’t expect so. But if things change, I’ll try to make it.

  4. Donna W. – We’re all just figments of John’s imagination. Can you believe he has even created individual blogs for some of the commentors he has created. It makes the site look much more popular.

  5. You’ll love Millennicon, John. It’s a great little con that I make sure to go to every year. Now you just have to make sure to get to Context in Columbus, the other con that’s a yearly habit with me and a great many others who wouldn’t miss it.


  6. I was ecstatic to see that you’re going to be at Oasis this May, John, although unfortunately, Oasis runs the same weekend as the second half of the Orlando International Fringe Festival. Normally I try and do both but my first play is going to be produced and performed during the Fringe by the Orlando Actors Theater. So if someone runs up to you with a copy of Old Man’s War, has it signed, and then runs off to attend a show, that might be me. :)

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