A Month of Writers, Day Twenty: Chris Roberson

Chris Roberson is a triple threat: He’s a writer, he’s an editor and he’s a publisher — and he’s good enough at each that he’s been nominated for a World Fantasy Award for each of these talent. He’s… Read More

My Christmas Suspicions

Here are mine: 1. I don’t believe that Jose Feliciano really wants to wish me a merry Christmas. 2. If you dashed through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, laughing all the way, you’d probably end up… Read More

A Month of Writers Returns December 26

Because nothing goes better with Boxing Day than writers!

Whatever Best of 2007

2007 was a very messy year for the Whatever, thanks to various horrible technical difficulties that more or less wiped most of August and September off the map, in terms of entries. Be that as it may, I… Read More

Memories For Sale

Don’t ask me how I got there, because it’s not actually an interesting story, but I was on a site looking at California home values and as a curiosity I looked to see if one of the houses… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Nineteen: David Lubar

In honor of Athena’s birthday, today’s Month of Writers contributor is one of her favorite writers, David Lubar, the author of the wildly popular “Weenies” series, of which The Curse of the Campfire Weenies is the latest addition…. Read More


My daughter’s nine today. And packin’ tude. So watch out.

A Month of Writers, Day Eighteen: Elizabeth Bear

I’ve been holding off on airing Elizabeth Bear’s contribution to the Month of Writers feature for the simple and practical fact that her latest book, Dust, officially comes out on December 26, and I wanted all y’all to… Read More

All Hail Michael Z Williamson: A Last-Minute Christmas Pimping Thread

You know, twice in the last week Michael Z Williamson has sent me stuff to use to promote his latest book Better to Beg Forgiveness in the “Big Idea” feature over at Ficlets, and twice I’ve apparently seem… Read More

To Head it Off at the Pass

Yes, I’ve seen this. Also this. And to repeat, while I surely appreciate the enthusiasm, it’s not necessary to e-mail me about every thing on the Internet involving bacon. I think the idea that I respond to bacon… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Seventeen: Jay Lake

If you laughed uproariously and pointed when I wore the Campbell Tiara a year and a half ago, one of the people to blame (or praise, since it was a lovely tiara) for that is Jay Lake, who… Read More

Suggestion Box

As most of you know (because I told you), 2008 for me will be mostly given over to writing books, because one must make hay while the sun shines, mustn’t one. This means among other things that my… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Sixteen: Sarah Monette

Sarah Monette and I were nominated for the Campbell Award at the same time, which is why one day we ended up having a sack race down the hall of one of the better hotels in Madison, Wisconsin…. Read More

Because CNN Asked

CNN.com’s lead story at the moment is demanding to know how I would talk to my child about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy. This is how: I raced down the stairs, confronted my child as she was consuming a… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Fifteen: David Louis Edelman

I have a funny story about meeting David Louis Edelman. Before I met him, I interviewed him for my AOL site, as he did his first round of interview for his then newly-released (and eventually Campbell Award-nominated) book… Read More

You Don’t Look Like Your Head’s Exploded Yet Today

So here you go. Gacked from here.

Mail Hole

Just as a head’s up to folks: I’m getting quite a bit of mail in the last several days, much of which I’m not responding to immediately (or sometimes at all) simply because I’m grinding through work. Suffice… Read More

The Sound of a Million Elves Celebrating

To my surprise, I find I’m on New Line Cinema’s PR list, so let me pass on this bit of news: Peter Jackson’s gonna make two films from The Hobbitt: Los Angeles, CA (Tuesday, December 18, 2007) Academy… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Fourteen: Catherynne M. Valente

Catherynne Valente is having a pretty good year: Her novel The Orphan’s Tales Vol I: In the Night Garden was nominated for the World Fantasy Award and won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, and its follow on, The… Read More

A Month of Writers, Day Thirteen: Nick Mamatas

Nick Mamatas wrote one of my favorite young adult novels this year, called Under My Roof, because how can you not like a story about a family that becomes its own micronation when it straps a nuclear device… Read More