On the 2008 Weblog Awards Nomination

Yes, I’m still on break through January 5. But this is worth making a public notation about, so there’s no confusion later. Whatever has been listed as a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards in the category of… Read More


PC Magazine would have to link to Whatever in their piece on their favorite blogs of 2008 while I was taking a two week break, wouldn’t they. So: If you’re here from PC Magazine, howdy. I’m on a… Read More

Out Until January 5th

Hey, you know what? I’m taking a break to enjoy my family, recharge the batteries, and to think about what the heck I’m going to do with myself in 2009. I’ll be back on January 5th. If you… Read More

Comment Numbers

Just now: Another number like this won’t happen again for 111,111 comments. So get cracking, people.

Christmas 2008

For those of you who are wondering how it’s going. Athena reads up on her new Wii games, for her new Wii. Yes, we got a Wii. But Athena also got a primer on Latin! How many other… Read More

My SF Movie Christmas Wish, Plus 2008 AMC Column Index

It’s Thursday, which means even on Christmas I have an AMC column up. This week: My Christmas wish involving science fiction movies. No, it does not include a futuristic space massage from the lady in the artwork above…. Read More

Whatever Best of 2008

This year marked the 10 year anniversary of Whatever, and it was also a pretty good year in terms of individual entries. Having an election helped, I think. Here are some of the entries I think qualify for… Read More

Worth the Read

Sports Illustrated’s cover story on what’s happened to the dogs that were part of Michael Vick’s dog fighting kennel. It turns out the large majority of them are living and some are even thriving, which is a miracle… Read More

Athena, Ten

As has been our tradition here in the Scalzi household, we woke Athena up on her birthday today by singing “Happy Birthday” and presenting her a cake. It’s a holdover from when she was much younger and didn’t… Read More

The Big Idea: Lesley Livingston

This is a kind of cool thing for me: I met Lesley Livingston back in 2003, at my very first science fiction convention (that would be Torcon 3, for those of you keeping score at home). I was… Read More

Things I Pay For Online

And no, I’m not detailing my online porn addictions to you. What I mean is, what premium services I pay for online. Since so much is available online for free, if one is paying for something online, it’s… Read More

Over the Hillside

I’ll let you in on a little secret, which is that one of the reasons I was happy that the 2005 Worldcon was in Glasgow was that I always wanted to visit the town that The Blue Nile… Read More

Welcome Slashdotters

If you’re coming here from the Zoe’s Tale review, the prologue chapter of that book is up for you to read here. Likewise, feel free to graze off the Scalzi Creative Sampler, which features free fiction of various… Read More

Zoe’s Tale Review on Slashdot

Oh, excellent. Just in time for the last-minute “I’m a geek and haven’t gone shopping for the holidays yet, what should I get?” crowd, which, you may be assured, I am certainly a part of. And the review… Read More

I’m Alive

I’m just busy with the real world, and a sick kid. See you later.


Google the phrase “your writing sucks” and see where it takes you. Works for “my writing sucks,” too. Or just plain ol’ “writing sucks”.

Quick Music Review: Fall Out Boy, Folie a Deux

The Quick Review: It’s everything I come to Fall Out Boy for, just slightly less, so overall I’ll give it a B-. I find myself noting with a growing alarm that when this generation’s rock bands mature, they… Read More

Winter Where You Are (Unless You’re On the Other Side of the Equator)

The first day of winter here at the Scalzi Compound is bright, sunny, and about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, although with the high, blustery winds at the moment, Weather.com tell me it actually feels like -12 degrees. Well. Good… Read More

Doing it to Myself Before Others Can Do it to Me

Baconized Whatever. From here.

Business Note Re: Anthologies, Part II

Last May, I noted I was suspending participation in original short story anthologies through July 2009, on account of scheduling and other factors. It’s time to update that, and the update is: Until further notice, I will not… Read More