Public IM (Again)

After basically avoiding it for several months (because of work, etc), I’ve reactivated my public IM account at ScalziOnAIM on, yes, AOL Instant Messenger. This doesn’t mean I’m done with work (oh, my, no) just that I’m feeling… Read More

Search the Whole Damn Site

As many of you have noticed, the search function at the top of the pages here only covers stuff that’s in the WordPress database, which only goes back to September 30, 2007. Which is not particularly helpful at… Read More

Viable Paradise Accepting Applications

Viable Paradise, the week-long sf/f writing workshop at which I will be gleefully warping the minds of aspiring writers teaching this upcoming September, has now opened to applications for this year’s session. Aside from me, your other instructors… Read More

Whatever Stats 2007

Just in case you were wondering, some Whatever stats for ’07: 9,016,664 total unique visits for the year, for an average of 24,703 unique visits a day. As a comparison, last year had 6,128,869 total unique visits, for… Read More


Happy New Year. And etc.