Hey There.

Amazingly busy today. Hope you’re all having fun.

I Met John Scalvi!

There was a printer’s error involving the convention ribbons I’m giving out to people here at the ConFusion science fiction convention (which, for those of you who are not geeks, are ribbons that con-goers can attach to their… Read More

A Symposium While I’m Away

Traveling today and lots of errands to get to before then. Stay out of trouble until I get back. To keep you busy, let’s hold a symposium: What did the big hair rock bands wore in the 80s… Read More

And Yet Still No Rocket Car to the Moon

So, here’s me in 2008, watching a show from 1953 about what it’s going to be like in 1970 (moon bases, lady presidents, space crews in caps and t-shirts) on a tiny handheld computer that has exponentially more… Read More

Get Your Geek On, Space Nuts

The first shot from the Messenger Mission to Mercury. It’s pretty: Larger version here.

Temp Cat™ Requires a Name

Temp Cat™ passed two critical tests in the last 24 hours: The one at the vet that shows he’s free of feline leukemia, and the one here at the Scalzi Compound that shows he knows how to use… Read More

Things One Should Not Forget: The Quickening

Jonah Goldberg rather dramatically misses the point thusly about why people look askance at his assertion that Mussolini was not on the political right: Again and again people are throwing a few Mussolini quotes at me where he… Read More

Ten (More) Things I’ve Done You Probably Haven’t

I’m hiding from the Internet today because I made certain promises to certain editors about having certain words to them by the weekend. To keep you occupied, however, I offer you this list of Ten (More) Things I’ve… Read More

Sign of the Times

I can’t decide whether this news report is serious or not. God help me, I really can’t. And if it is, so what? Do we take their Grammys away? Deny them entrance to the Rock and Roll Hall… Read More

Things One Should Not Forget

Jonah Goldberg, who has never once used someone else’s verbal flubs for mocking purposes, ever, gets annoyed that people are amused that during a talk at the Heritage Foundation (update, 2:13pm: actually, in this Salon interview; he apparently… Read More


Inquiring minds want to know how the other cats are getting along with Temp Cat™, and the answer is tolerably if not enthusiastically. Anyone who has cats knows that when you introduce a new one into a house… Read More

Freshly Deleted From Today’s Writing of Zoe’s Tale

Therefore, not specifically spoilerish in any way: “We’re ready to kill with our bare hands,” Gretchen said. “No killing today,” said Hickory. “Aw, nuts,” Gretchen said. I think you’re all going to like Zoe’s friend Gretchen, by the… Read More

On That Path Lies Madness

I feel vaguely responsible for the trend that prompted this warning. I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with sf/f authors reminding readers (and potential awards voters) of the work they have eligible for award consideration. It’s a… Read More

Plagiarism is Not Romantic

A couple of people have asked me if I have anything to say about the plagiarism accusations surrounding romance writer Cassie Edwards, which have been exhaustively documented at Smart Bitches, and the answer is no, not really. Ms…. Read More

Celebrities: Ruining Everything

Another day, another letter from someone who thinks that having work out there in the market means that I need to shut up about the political process here in the United States. This is not a wholly uncommon… Read More

Temp Cat™ Gets In Your Face

And informs you I’m very busy today.

Your Big Fat Election Brain Dump, 1/11/08

Because I haven’t pissed you guys off enough recently, that’s why. * I was asked just before the New Hampshire primary who I was voting for, which confused me, because I don’t live in New Hampshire; Ohio’s primary… Read More

My 2008 ConFusion Schedule

Just one week to go until High-Voltage ConFusion, at which I am the Toastmaster, a task for which I have spent months assiduously mastering toast (it’s trickier than you think). To make stalking me easier, here is my… Read More

Sony BMG Picks Up a Clue

Will sell DRM-free MP3s on Amazon (and presumably other places as well) after all. Thanks to the several folks who have sent along the news. One suggested Sony BMG was reading the blog; I doubt it, but the… Read More

Temp Cat™ Yearns for the Bennies

With the exception of the three or four hours he spent up a tree yesterday, chased there by Kodi after he foolishly ran away from her, thus triggering her hunting reflex, Temp Cat™ is doing fine, as you… Read More