Modeling the Latest in Empowerment Wear

Athena, showing off the t-shirt sent by a friend who also happens to be insanely nuts about WNBA basketball. When she opened the package and saw the shirt, she said “And I’m not a cheerleader! It’s like they… Read More

An Excellent Choice

Michael Moorcock will become this year’s SFWA Grand Master. See? If you ever start one of the major movements in science fiction literature, maybe you can be an SF Grand Master as well! Something to shoot for, anyway…. Read More

Sock Addiction Claims Another Victim

Not even Ghlaghghee is immune to the charms of a catnip-filled sock. Shortly after this picture was taken, Zeus wandered by and tried to run off with the sock. Ghlaghghee’s veto of this action was fairly robust. Yes,… Read More

Publicists/Editors/Writers: I’m Seeking Big Ideas

Hey there, all you crazy book publicists, writers and editors: As most of you know, once or twice a week I like to use this space to put a spotlight on writers with new and recently-released book, specifically… Read More

Only One Can Prevail!

Today was sent not one but two copies of Superpowers, the upcoming super hero novel by David J. Schwartz, which immediately made me suspicious. Two copies? Of a super hero novel? Nonsense! One of them is obviously from… Read More

Happy Birthday, Deven

Today is my pal Deven Desai’s birthday. He’s, uh, 36, I think. 37? Maybe 37. Somewhere in that area. Yes, it’s bad I can’t remember specifically, but it’s early and I’m groggy. This is my excuse for the… Read More

Some Stats, Post-Free eBook

I was curious whether releasing Old Man’s War as part of Tor’s free eBook series would have any sort of immediate impact on sales of my books, so I had a friend with access to BookScan check out… Read More

And Yes, the Reason I’m Fiddling is I Don’t Have Anything Interesting to Say

Okay, I mostly like the way the site looks at the moment, so I think I’ll keep it this way for a while. For those of you who are wondering, the theme I’m using is the “Seashore” theme… Read More

Don’t Panic

I’m fiddling with themes today. Things might look different than they usually do, from time to time. No cause for alarm.

Looking for People Like Me

Am I the only person in the world for whom earbuds won’t seat securely in their ear? Thanks to the iPod, earbuds have been the preferred mode of earphone for five years now, but personally I can’t keep… Read More

Today is International Make Up a Word Day

I have an amazing number of things to deal with today that do not involve writing here. So I’m off for the rest of the day. However I know that your lives will be a meaningless shell without… Read More

Totally Bogarting the Sock

In the mail yesterday: organic catnip from these folks. Put a little in the toe of a worn sock this morning and presented it to Zeus. Then eventually tried to take it away. He was against that.  I… Read More

Small Observation

Having a frisky kitten in the house: Generally fun. Having a frisky kitten in the house at 2:30 am, after a particularly long day: Not so much.

My Oscar Batting Average

Four out of six this year — not as good as some years, but not as bad as others. And I’m delighted to have been wrong in the Best Supporting Actress category, since I’ve been a huge fan… Read More

The Minor Detail People Often Miss

Michelle Sagara makes a very cogent observation here about a small detail people often miss when they use me as an example of how a blog can help you sell your novel, that small detail being that I… Read More

Movies and Books

A couple thoughts on things: * Oscars tonight, and on looking at my Oscar picks piece from the day the nominations came out, I think my picks are still pretty solid. A couple of additional thoughts, however: I’d… Read More

The Worst Presidents?

Athena is learning about the presidents these days, not through school, but via the Animaniacs, whose “President’s Song” she is memorizing much in the same way she memorized their “50 states and their capitals” song (clearly, Animaniacs are… Read More

Indulging My Indulgences

The rock band Journey debuted their new lead singer Arnel Pineda at a concert in Chile two nights ago. How did the dude do in the “Can he sing like Steve Perry” sweepstakes? Judge for yourself (note: I… Read More

Possible Presidencies

We’ve been having fun with a certain candidate for the president of SFWA here, but in the comment threads at least a couple of people have asked a good question: What if Andrew Burt does become SFWA president?… Read More

Country Life

Whenever it snows, my neighbor hooks a plow to the front of his truck, plows his driveway, and also plows ours. Because it’s neighborly. He’s doing it right now. At 2am. The man really likes his snow plow…. Read More