Whatever, Now Featuring a Rustic 70s Look!

Because I felt like it, that’s why. Enjoy.

Server Weirdness

My server seems to be coughing up some hairballs today; if you’re having problems connecting (or did earlier), that’s what that was. I’m looking into it now (and also, backing up databases, exporting entries, etc).

Me on Halo as Literature

io9’s Charlie Jane Anders wrote me over the weekend to get my thoughts on the sub-genre of military science fiction (prompted by some comments on the topic by David Drake), and I responded and suggested that the most… Read More

Writers of the Future, Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard

A question from the gallery: My wife and I were wondering if you would be so kind as to post your thoughts about the Writers of the Future contest on Whatever. With everything in the news about Scientology… Read More

Deep Thought for 2/5/08

Sometimes, wisdom is knowing that you have to stop eating that grilled stufft burrito, and feed the rest to the dog. Yes, yes. Today I am full of wisdom, and Taco Bell mild sauce. And that’s all I’m… Read More

What Was Decided on Super Tuesday: Nothing!

I mean, look at that delegate count from last night. One delegate difference. That’s just nuts. And the GOP side is still wacky, too. I kind of love it. Anyway, here’s a place for you to chat about… Read More