22 thoughts on “Deep Thought for 2/5/08

  1. Also: sometimes, running for the Border means you’re just running *towards* trouble.

    But this, I think, is common knowledge, rather than wisdom.

    As an aside: much as I love the Bell, I simply cannot make myself eat something that has the non-word “stufft” in its name.

  2. It’s like you are a mind reader or something. I was planning on having Taco Bell for lunch.

    So, does this mean I should go ahead and have TB for lunch and prove that John Scalzi can predict the future, or not and say that his foresight was inaccurate?

  3. And experience suggests that if you ate annything from Taco Bell, you may want to install a seat belt on your toilet seat for later this evening.

    As for the dog…don’t let him sleep on your bed tonight.

  4. I guess that just matriculated up a day later. My deep thoughts on Taco Bell don’t usually take that long to clear.

  5. Oh, not to jack the thread, but you’re on io9. Is pimping you in the comments thread jacking? Because I can always email in the future.

  6. OK – I know that place affects some people worse than others, but if you’re still having deep thoughts about a burrito you ate part of yesterday, you should probably see your doctor.

  7. I’m aware I’m on io9, actually. And also, I don’t know if it actually possible to hijack a thread about not finishing a Taco Bell burrito, because that’s a subject as close to being about nothing at all as is possible.

  8. John Scalzi @ 10 said:
    “… I don’t know if it actually possible to hijack a thread about not finishing a Taco Bell burrito, because that’s a subject as close to being about nothing at all as is possible.”

    I’m sensing a challenge here.

    I’ll start slowly… how do you think Ayn Rand would have voted on super Tuesday after drinking a Coke Zero and eating a grilled stuft burrito? Would it matter if she finished the burrito or fed the rest to the dog?

  9. Brett, seriously! How could you? Derailing the thread like that! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT FARTING. Go find your own thread.*

    Wisdom also means knowing when it’s time for the dog to spend the afternoon outside. Then again, if you already ate half… you and Kodi may as well keep each other company. (Does your office have a window you can crack?)

    * Disclaimer: totally kidding.

  10. This is totally off topic from you and the hound’s future fecal urgency, but I’m appalled at the fact that you’d put Taco Bell mild sauce on anything. Not because I’m all He-Man and “You eat blazing hot all time, or kitten gets it”, but the mild sauce from Taco Bell is a watery, flaccid imitation of the marvelousness that salsa cruda can be.

  11. ‘Sometimes, wisdom is knowing that you have to stop eating that grilled stufft burrito, and feed the rest to the dog.’

    Is that some kind of metaphor for the Romney campaign? Because it kind of works.

  12. Well sure, Romney is the mild sauce… a watery, flaccid imitation of a Republican. Yet sadly hot sauce Ron Paul is too piquant for most self proclaimed conservatives. So instead we get McCain, another bean-dip Republican presidential candidate.

  13. I feel so sorry for you folks who can’t get real Mexican food (well, real “Tex-Mex” at any rate). But as my wife warns – never patronize a Mexican restaurant in a state that doesn’t share a border with, you know… Mexico ;)

    To do so is just a Bad Idea™


    Condolences, and may you make a speedy recovery.
    “Border” has to be the best creative euphemism since “shittoir” for the plumbing one desperately needs after the Bell tolls.

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