Damn, the man swept. By big margins, too. The Clintons have to be twitchy right about now. But what’s really weird is that at the moment, it’s looking like Huckabee might sweep, too. The conservative wing of the… Read More

Living With Linux, Day 2

Because I know you are all passionately interested. First, what I like: It’s nice to look at a screen and see it completely uncluttered. I’m actually less tense looking at my computer now. This was the desired result,… Read More

How to Get an eBook of Old Man’s War — Free!

Every stinkin’ day, I get e-mail: When is the eBook version of Old Man’s War coming about? Because, you know [enter 500-word justification of the existence of ebooks, which I find ironic because I’ve only had Agent to… Read More