Before Even More People Send it to Me

Yes, I’ve seen Translation from Aburt-speak to English of selected portions of his SFWA presidential platform, over at sillybean. It’s very amusing, and also, very much like the Andrew Burt campaign posters, an indication of how electing Burt… Read More

Novella Drawing for the Dewey Donation System

Question from the gallery: Your Zoe’s Tale auction moved out of my price range early. Could you do another auction? And let me win? Heh. Well, no. For two reasons: One, I have no control over how the… Read More

Your Last Minute Hugo Nominations

The window for voting for Hugo nominations is closing at the end of the month, and there are several thousand eligible nominators (basically, anyone who was at last year’s Worldcon in Japan or who has registered for this… Read More

Adding to the Auction Pot

The auction of the Zoe’s Tale pre-publication edition to benefit the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust has been pretty quiet for the last couple of days, so I thought I would kick in a little something to… Read More

Various and Sundry 2/21/08

Some stuff: * For those of you interested in the future of SFWA, current presidential candidate Russell Davis has popped into the comment thread of the “Gut Check for SFWA” entry and is ready to answer questions you… Read More