Greetings, Gentlebeings!

I doubt I’m the first person who has noticed the inherent LOL potential of everyone’s favorite SFWA election-related greeting, but I’m pretty sure I’m the first person to set up a Flickr Group on the subject. The pool… Read More

Brutally Slaughtering Two Birds With One Stone

Thanks to the ascendancy of John McCain, conservative Christians may be looking for a third-party candidate. I’ve got just the guy. Have fun, you crazy kids.

On the OMW Free eBook Release

Today Tor sent out the e-mails with links to the eBook version of Old Man’s War, which is available to the folks who signed up at Tor.com in pdf, html, and mobi versions (so all you folks who… Read More

The 2008 Nebula Awards Ballot

Hey, look: It’s a big year for Caribbean-themed science fiction! THE 2008 NEBULA AWARDS BALLOT Novels Odyssey – McDevitt, Jack (Ace, Nov06) The Accidental Time Machine – Haldeman, Joe (Ace, Aug07) The Yiddish Policemen’s Union – Chabon, Michael… Read More