Snowy Dog Chaser

Because I ranted earlier today, here’s a fluffy, snowy puppy: There, that makes everything better.

A Gut Check Moment for SFWA

(Note: this is a long rant about SFWA. If you don’t care about SFWA, you can skip it. If you do care, get a snack.) A question from the peanut gallery: Since you’re not running for SFWA president,… Read More

Registration Changes at Whateveresque

Because of the immense number of attempted spambot sign-ups at Whateveresque, I’ve decided to change the way I do member registrations there. From now on, I will register people for memberships there on the 1st and 15th of… Read More

Congratulations Holly Black and Steven Gould

It’s a good weekend for writers of my more or less general acquaintance: The Spiderwick Chronicles, based on the book written by my pal Holly Black, came in 3rd in the weekend box office with a healthy $19… Read More

The Power! The Power!

Power went out here just short of 11am and only now resumed. I am happy to report we did not have to eat any of the domestic animals in the ensuing, thankfully short-lived civilizational collapse. Hope you all… Read More

Nipping it in the Bud

Dear Barack Obama Supporters: All y’all are starting to exhibit all the same exceptionally annoying pathologies as Ron Paul supporters. Please note Ron Paul’s current delegate count. Thank you for your attention.

Because GLaDoS Won’t Disassemble Herself

Athena, putting herself into infinite regressing freefall while she takes a small break from battling an insane computer. Note she’s so hardcore she plays Portal on portrait mode. Because landscape is for babies. Also, clearly, the desktop computer… Read More

A Couple of Nice Things

A quick note of some accolades sent my way recently: * The Last Colony popped onto SFSite’s Reader’s Choice Best of 2007, along with Axis, Brasyl, The Name of the Wind (which took top honors) and six others…. Read More

“Zoe’s Tale” Auction to Benefit the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

The Short Version: I have recently completed my newest book, Zoe’s Tale, and am offering a special pre-publication bound manuscript version of the novel to auction to benefit the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust. This is an… Read More

Reminder: Free eBooks from Tor

I mentioned last week about how Tor was giving away free eBooks of popular titles (including Old Man’s War) to those folks who signed up to receive a newsletter; well, the e-mail about first of these titles, Brandon… Read More


Windows updated today, automatically, and then as it was installing the update (“do not restart or unplug the computer!”) it crashed, offering up a blue screen of death and forcing a reboot. Now this picture represents as far… Read More

Whateverettes, RSS

Incidentally, for those of you who read Whatever on an RSS feed of some sort, if you’d like to see the Whateverettes but can’t be bothered to actually visit the site, here’s the RSS feed for them. Don’t… Read More

My Gothy Valentine

For your Valentine’s Day pleasure, allow me to unload unto you a classic-yet-underrated slab of late 20th Century goth romantic mopery: “Stand Inside Your Love,” by The Smashing Pumpkins: This is actually one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins… Read More

Customer Service Question

So, in my neverending quest to keep Whatever interesting to all y’all, a question: The Whateverettes (over there on the sidebar): Are you aware of them? Do you click on the links from time to time? Are they… Read More

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

To begin, know that for reasons too tiresome to recount here, I started the morning with trauma involving a cat.  This occasioned me standing in front of my bathroom mirror and observing all the various places I was… Read More

Gaze Upon its Gazeuponableness!

Look what just arrived in the mail: Yes, it’s one of five printed and bound copies of the completed manuscript of Zoe’s Tale that exist in all the world. One copy is mine, one goes to my wife,… Read More

Also, Since People Have Been Asking

Of the $164,000 I made from writing last year, about $120,000 of it was from writing fiction. The rest is from other sources, including non-fiction book advances and royalties, blogging for AOL and various one-off projects. Of the… Read More

Three More Links About Writing and Money

In addition to the Jim C. Hines link about writing and income I posted earlier: * Catherine Shaffer is talking about non-fiction freelancing (NB: Up until last year, this sort of freelancing was the largest single chunk of… Read More

Various & Sundry 2/13/08

More bits and pieces: * First, dig this: The super-mega-ultra deluxe versions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades: These things are wrapped in so much leather that when I took them out of the shipping box,… Read More

More Writing “Advice”

Not from me, from Stephen Granade. Here’s a sample: Here’s the thing that you, the would-be fiction writer, have to understand about writing and publishing: it’s a big conspiracy. It’s a cabal. There are probably robes and secret… Read More