Wacky Database Madness

My WordPress seems to have momentarily not wanted to speak to my database. It seems to have corrected itself. Who knows if it’ll happen again. But if you suddenly can’t connect here, that’s what it is (naturally, if… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #4: Where I Am Now

Dan asks: Cast yourself back to the Scalzi of twenty years ago. Now, in your life, are you anywhere near where you thought you’d be? Yeah, pretty much I am. Twenty years ago I was a first-year student… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #3: Sex and Video Games

Arachne Jericho wants to know my opinion on: Sex and video games Well, I’m a fan of each individually, that’s for sure. As for sex in video games, I don’t have any major problem with it philosophically; the… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #2: Technological Gifts

Daniel asks: You are the the Great God Scalzi, but sadly you are not quite omnipotent. In fact you only have the ability to create five new technologies. Which 5 technologies will you bestow upon humanity in 2008?… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #1: Homeschooling

For this year’s Reader Request Week, I’m going to try to do something a little different. Over the last five years I answered one (or occasionally two) of the questions a day, and then posted a follow-up entry… Read More

Fiddle Fiddle

To everyone who missed the “last post, next post” navigation on the single entry pages: I just put it back in. Now the site is ever so slightly easier to trundle through. You’re welcome. I may do some… Read More

Upgrading Tonight

Whatever may be offline for some amount of time this evening as I update WordPress to version 2.5. If you can’t reach it, don’t panic. Also, yes, I’ve backed up everything. Update, 7:37: All updated. Damn, but upgrading… Read More

Where Was I, Anyway?

Well, here’s a hint: For those of you not up on these things, that’s a headcrab, featured in the games Half-Life and Half-Life 2, by the video game company Valve Software, which I visited on my trip. What… Read More

How I Avoid Speeding Tickets

Because, as it happens, I get out of speeding tickets nine out of ten times I pull over. Here’s how I do it: I admit I’m speeding and tell the cop to please go ahead and write me… Read More

Yes, I Am In Chicago

Because, honestly. Where else would I be? Home? Madness! Sleeping now. Hopefully will actually be home sometime tomorrow before noon. We shall see.


This time, I didn’t even have to get to Chicago before I was delayed! This time for four hours! At least! Go me! At least I was first in line for rebooking. How are you?

Oh, Look, Another Travel Day

I love being places. The getting there? Eh, not so much. But since teleportation is still science fiction (thanks so much, engineers), I still have to be shipped around in moving boxes and flying tubes. So, more travel… Read More

The Big Idea: Scott Sigler

While I’m off in Lots-of-Meetings Land, here’s a fun Big Idea for you, from author Scott Sigler. Sigler made quite a big splash being one of the the first and most successful authors to podcast his writing, garnering… Read More


And only five hours late! I wish I could be more interesting about it, but it’s late and the hotel bed is calling to me, muffled though its voice may be under a vasty mountain of pillows. More… Read More

Now That I Think About It

Has a flight ever left Chicago O’Hare on time? Like, ever?  I’m sure one has. I just don’t think I’ve ever been on one. (Guess where I am. Guess whose flight is delayed.) Well, I might have been… Read More

Another Travel Day

This time I’m traveling through Saturday; pretty sure I’ll be checking in on a semi-regular basis, however. I’ll be posting a Big Idea piece either later today or tomorrow, as well (and then, I think, more than one… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008: Get Your Requests In!

Every year, right around this time, I put away my imbecilic obsessions here at Whatever and turn the spotlight onto your imbecilic obsessions instead. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time once again for Reader Request Week, in… Read More

Feeling Spammy

Small technical note: More comments than usual seem to be getting caught by the spam filter over the last couple of days. I’m hoping this gets trained out of its behavior, but if you find your comment not… Read More

The “I’m Writing This to Totally Make You Jealous” Post

In which I tell you about some of the ARCs I’ve received recently that mean I get to read all the books you want to read before you do. Bwa ha ha ha hah ha! Hi, I’m evil…. Read More

Cover This

Tor art director Irene Gallo, prompted by a blog post by Pyr publisher Lou Anders, talks a bit about cover art and what “works” and why when it comes to sf/f fantasy books, and notes a point that… Read More