One of My Boring E-Mail Notification Posts

I just ran through about ten days of e-mails to answer them all (yes, I was that behind: power outages and sick family members will do that to you) and now think I’ve gotten back to everyone. If you sent me an e-mail in the last week or so, were hoping for a response and didn’t get one, this is your hint to resend it to me, because I probably missed it.

EXCEPTION: Everyone who sent me e-mail about doing a “Big Idea” feature. I’m still working through those requests (I got a lot of them, can you tell?). Please don’t resend on those — I’ll connect with you soon enough. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “One of My Boring E-Mail Notification Posts

  1. Oh – thank goodness. I thought you were just passing on this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain great personal wealth. The funds that have been frozen here in Nigeria are out of my reach without your assistance. I look forward to getting your reply along with information on when to expect the funds that will help us release the millions that await you.

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