The Unstoppable Awards Juggernaut That is Ficlets

How awesome: Ficlets, the collaborative fiction site I was a part of, won a Web award at SXSW. And I got mentioned among others in the acceptance speech by Kevin Lawver, who took home the award. That was… Read More

Books What Been Sent to Me Recently

Wow, you say, I bet John Scalzi gets sent a ton of books. You’d win that bet! Here’s some of what’s been sent to me recently, most of which is just out, or on its way in the… Read More

The Big Idea: Julie Buxbaum

Since this is a feature called “The Big Idea,” it’s worth asking how authors get to the big idea in their books in the first place — do they start with the big idea and then build around… Read More

The Point at Which the Villain Begins the Monologue, Revealing His Dastardly Plan

Replace “villain” with “Patrick Nielsen Hayden,” “the monologue” with “blogging on Making Light” and “his dastardly plan” with “what’s up with the upcoming Tor.Com site,” and you’ve got some idea of what’s going on here. For those of… Read More