The Unstoppable Awards Juggernaut That is Ficlets

How awesome: Ficlets, the collaborative fiction site I was a part of, won a Web award at SXSW. And I got mentioned among others in the acceptance speech by Kevin Lawver, who took home the award. That was very nice of him, but it should be noted that he’s the brains behind the operation and deserves much of the credit for the success of the site. My part — smiling and waving (and blogging) — was easy. His part and the part of others (i.e., the backend) was a whole bunch harder. Congratulations to Kevin, and to all the Ficlets folks.

5 Comments on “The Unstoppable Awards Juggernaut That is Ficlets

  1. I must say I find Ficlets a real brain-refresher when the need arises. They’re never incredibly good, like the ones on Hitherby Dragons, but that’s actually good: tasty nuggets, easy on the teeth.

  2. Kevin is good people. I had the pleasure of buying him lunch on Friday, returning the favor from last month, when he bought me dinner at another conference.

    In other news, Kevin’s hair is now blue.